Northern Drakensberg Traverse - 6 or 14 days

The guided Northern Drakensberg Traverse and the Drakensberg Grand Traverse start at the foot of the spectacular Sentinel Peak. Renowned as one of the worlds Top 10 treks, we invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Northern Drakensberg mountains and experience the beauty of this wilderness trek for yourself.



We start our trek by ascending on to the Mont-Aux-Sources plateau via the chain ladders and hike towards the iconic Amphitheatre. This guided hike dips and climbs at around 3000m above sea level along the scenic Northern Drakensberg escarpment in a Southerly direction.

We often trek above the jagged peaks and can gaze down into the huge valleys while the rugged terrain of the Lesotho highlands undulates to the right of our trek. Every day you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views, no two views are alike on this trail.

After 5 days of traversing the dramatic highlights in the Northern Drakensberg you’ll be familiar with the Amphitheatre, Mnweni Pinnacles, Mponjwane, the Source of the Orange River & the Rockeries. The sixth day is spent on descent near Cathedral Peak ending with accommodation, a hot shower and celebratory dinner awaiting you.

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From the Amphitheatre in the Northern Drakensberg to Bushman’s Nek 200 odd km further South spoil yourself to 14 days of mind blowing scenery. Each day the views change, each day they are spectacular.

The Full traverse starts out along the shorter Northern Traverse route but continues on through the Central Drakensberg passing the beautiful Monk’s Cowl, Cathkin and Giants Castle areas, eventually getting to Thomathu Pass in the Southern Drakensberg.

Along the trek you’ll summit a number of peaks which may include Champagne Castle 3377m, Giant’s Castle 3314m, Mafadi 3451m- South Africa’s highest and Thabana Ntlenyana 3482m- highest in the Drakensberg and view iconic peaks such as Madonna and her worshipers, Cathkin Peak, Monks Cowl & the Saddle.

If time permits, we often pop in to the highest Pub in South Africa at Sani Pass for decadent hot chocolate or a lunch, this is our only encounter with civilisation during the trek.

The Drakensberg Grand Traverse takes place in a beautiful rugged and isolated mountain range; to enjoy it fully, hikers must be fit, determined and enjoy wilderness camping – so no camp sites or facilities on the escarpment and being a wilderness trek interaction with other humans is very limited. Instead, starry skies form a canopy over you, Lammergeyer, Black Eagles and antelope may even cross your path.

Clear mountain streams ensure a plentiful water supply, your guide provides and prepares all meals and at night we camp in mountaineering tents in a wilderness setting.

The Grand Traverse is a magnificent but tough challenge for the fit and prepared hiker. The pace is faster than that of the Northern Drakensberg Traverse, distances vary per day between 12 and  25km dependent on weather and terrain.

Passports are required as we cross the Lesotho – South Africa Border at the end of the trek.

Camping in the Drakensberg
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Drakensberg Grand Traverse


  • GoVertical Guides
  • All meals in the mountains prepared by your guide
  • National Park Fees
  • Transfer to trail head from meeting point
  • Wilderness camping
  • Provision restock
  • Bed & breakfast accommodation on last night


  • Transfer to the Drakensberg
  • Gear hire
  • Full porterage
  • Hotel reservations

General information on hiking in the Drakensberg mountains can be found here: Guided Drakensberg Hiking