Kloofing near Johannesburg

KLOOFING, also known as Canyoning, Gorge walking or Canyoneering is an exhilarating adventure for fit, adventurous people able to swim.


Kloofing Johannesburg


First, its up the river valley, a sunny hike across quartzite rock to the gully used to access the typical Magaliesberg Kloof. Down to the stream with magnificent cliffs closing in around you, wading through crystal clear pools, clambering over massive boulders as you wind up the watercourse.

The pace is hectic, so when you stop for a well deserved lunch break you’ll be keen to rest under the shade of the trees in the cool forested gorge.

Then descending, adrenalin pumps as you enjoy the vertical adventures of, abseiling down a waterfall, plunging into pools and the thrill of sliding down smooth stone alongside the stream in this beautiful gorge. The rock jump is optional but the swimming is not.  The descent pace is fast and quite likely to leave you breathless!

This is a full day of adventure, it’s advisable to be fit, confident with heights and have a great sense of adventure! IMPORTANT: You have to be able to swim  to participate in this adventure.

Canyoning Magaliesberg
Kloofing Magaliesberg


  • GoVertical Guides
  • Kloofing gear
  • Entrance fees
  • Minimum booking of 2 unless there is already a scheduled adventure
  • Duration 5 to 7 hours depending on group size

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